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QuickBooks® Installation, Training, and Support

We are not CPAs and we do not prepare federal or state income tax returns. We are QuickBooks® specialists. Our staff includes Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisors and Certified QuickBooks® Point of Sale ProAdvisors. The president has over 30 years working in the industry working for local small businesses and investors. Her experience includes preparation of IRS forms 1040, 940, 941, W-2, W-3, 1065 and 1120.

We make the time investment to stay abreast of current tax issues. Computer Classes To Go has been helping small business owners like you automate their financial reporting systems since 1999. Whether you are converting from manual bookkeeping or another software package, we can walk you step-by-step through the entire process. Intuit advertises that this process is simple and that no financial systems knowledge is needed. That's rarely the case. The setup can be very complex. Frequently we find ourselves fixing problems created by lack of understanding of the financial reporting process: assets classified as expenses, liabilities in assets, etc. The actual day-to-day operation is very simple. The programs were designed for the average user.

Setup, training, and support is provided for creating chart of accounts, purchase orders, invoicing, statements, inventory, payables, payroll, reports, journal entries, processing payroll forms, reconciliations, QuickBooks® Payroll, QuickBooks® Bill Pay, and integration with Microsoft Word, and Excel. Click here for information regarding retail operations.

In addition, we also provide ongoing review of your QuickBooks® files. This is particularly important in advance of your annual tax return preparation. Most bookkeepers have limited tax knowledge which can lead them to make errors in classification and recording of more complex transactions. Those might include assets purchases, loan amortizations, reconciliation of accounts to external statements from financial institutions, and recording of amortization and depreciation expenses. A review of client's books after the termination of a bookkeeper revealed many costly errors. This individual had recorded an auto allowance as an asset, recorded asset purchases in the wrong year and for partial amounts, and had not recorded note payables for those assets. This information was reported to the CPA, which resulted in material tax reporting errors for 2 years. This resulted in our client having to pay his CPA to amend those returns.

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