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QuickBooks® Point of Sale

QuickBooks® Point of Sale is specifically designed for retailers, to help you manage your business's finances more effectively. Enter & track daily sales results more easily. Get greater day-to-day insight into your business with retail-specific reports.

QuickBooks® Point Of Sale is your all-in-one solution to turn a Windows-based computer into a retail-inventory and sales-management system. It rings up sales like a cash register, tracks all your inventory, processes sales ande customer information (including name, contact information and items purchased), and provides useful reports on important business information to help you
manage your business better. Plus, it integrates with QuickBooks financial software to create a comprehensive business-management system on your own computer.

The recommended hardware bundle is actually the best value as it includes a cash drawer, a bar code scanner, a receipt printer, and a credit card reader. All are guaranteed to work together and are supported by Intuit. There is also a recommended tag printer, and related printer supplies. Other hardware may or may not work with the software. Quite honestly, it's not worth the trouble and you're paying my time to even consider another alternative.

I offer setup, training, and support for QuickBooks® and QuickBooks® Point of Sale software and hardware.

It is recommended that you purchase both QuickBooks® Point of Sale software and QuickBooks® Pro or Premier software.

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